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Brahmi is a common name used for two very important Ayurvedic herbs used for enhancing and caring for brain function. Bacopamonnieri is called Brahmi in south India, and Centellaasiatica is called Brahmi (or Gotu Kola) in the north of India.

While both herbs share common properties of boosting brain function, Bacopamonnieri(Water Hyssop, Herpestismonniera )is primarily considered as memory enhancer butCentellafor its unique properties that enhance the skin (outer and inner), the lymph, and the microcirculation channels of the body. This article primarily concentrates on benefits and usage of Bacopamonnieri.

Brahmi plant is a succulent small plant with small leaves and purple flowers found in warm wetlands, rooting at the nodes, with many branches.


Brahmi is a therapeutic herb commonly used as a memory enhancer, and a health tonic. The actions of Brahmi over brain area make it wonderful tonic to help enhance the mental capabilities of the individual and support of the nervous system as the whole. Studies have found that long-term consumption of Brahmi helps improve several parameters of mental agility in healthy youngsters and adults as well as elderly people suffering from age-related memory loss. It is an ingredient used to prepare Ayurveda medicine for improving the vocal sound quality.


Brahmi the whole plant extract powder or juice from live plant leaves can be consumed directly. The Brahmi plant powder as Brahmi capsules are better for children as the plant is bitter in taste naturally.

Brahmi powder (250mg) or juice or Bacopa extract (5ml-10ml) mixed with butter or ghee, everyday morning will help to enhance memory and brain functions in children (or adults). It is also useful for curing age-related memory loss.

Applying coconut oil prepared with Brahmi daily will help to keep the head cool.