Medicinal use:

Stevia leaf is a natural sweetener and is a healthy substitute for table sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stevia contains various vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C and A, rutin, zinc, magnesium, and iron. Stevia is sweeter than regular sugar, yet it is suitable for sugar-sensitive people, such as diabetics. Stevia is a low glycemic,zero-calorie, organic sweetener which supports healthy blood sugar levels and prompt weight loss. Stevia contains compounds that help control blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and hypertension. Consuming this mix is good to help enhance the mental capabilities and memory power.

natural sweetener

About the plant:

Stevia plant is a small, sweet, leafy herb. Stevia plant grows 2-4 feet in height with slender, branched stems, and flourish.

Vernacular name:

Common name:  Stevia, Sweet Leaf, Sweet Honey Leaf
Hindi: Meethi Patti
Telugu: Madhu Patri
Malayalam: Stevia

How to use:

Almost all the parts of the plant taste sweet. Its dried powder and stevia syrup are being used in the cooking. Fresh stevia plant leaves can be used directly in drinks as a sweetener. Stevia powder can be used in tea, coffee, cereal, yogurt and any other food item which needs sweetening.

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