Medicinal use:

Antidiabetic properties of Tinospora Crispa or Giloy are highly appreciated in Ayurveda and even in recent modern researches. The stem of this medicinal plant is used in the treatment of diabetes and for many other ailments.

About the plant:

This medicinal plant is widely distributed in Southeast Asia and the northeastern region of India. Tinospora crispa is a deciduous climbing shrub producing stems up to 15 meters long. The stems are up to 1cm thick.

Other names:

Common name: Bitter Grape, Hindi: Giloy
Malayalam: Sugarvalli,
Tamil: Amruthavalli


A dioecious species, both male and female forms need to be grown if a seed is required. The female form is much rarer than the male, suggesting vegetative propagation of male plants for medicinal purposes.

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Take a small piece of a matured plant stem, crush it and put it in one glass water and boil in the evening. Drink this water in the next day morning with empty stomach. Repeat this in the evening also.


Consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before consuming the herb.