Medicinal use:

Acorus Calamus(sweet flag) is a medicinal herb with numerous medicinal properties. Few are:

Consuming small quantity (2gm) of sweet flag powder in cows milk can increase digestion and cure the digestion related diseases. Alternately it can be mixed in cool drinks. It is said to have wonderfully tonic powers of stimulating and normalizing the appetite. Powder of sweet flag mixed with Brahmi in honey is good to cure Epilepsy.

Consuming this mix is good to help enhance the mental capabilities and memory power.

Small quantities of the mix of gold, sweet flag in honey are good to enhance the vocal cords.

About the plant:

Sweet flag is also known as “Myrtle Grass” and “Vacha” in Sanskrit. A perennial emergent iris-like herb grows in the moist environment with the leaves erect and it grows up to 5 feet in height, shorter in environments with moderate moisture. This herb has strong aromatic roots and long aromatic leaves.

This herb has strong aromatic roots and long aromatic leaves. The leaves are erect and flat and sword-like, bright green, rising fan-like from a pinkish base although some bases may range from white to red in color. The midvein only is prominently raised and usually off-center. Leaves are 1 inch or less wide. Margins are smooth but sometimes wavy. Cut or bruised leaves are sweetly aromatic with a scent resembling tangerine.

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Vernacular name:

Common name: Sweet Flag, sweet grass, sweetroot
Hindi: Bach, Ghorbach
Manipuri: Okhidak
Marathi: Vekhand
Tamil: Vashambu, pullai-valathi
Malayalam: vaembu, vashampa
Kannada: baje, vasa, athibaje
Bengali: bach, ghorabach
Assamese: bach

How to grow:

It doesn’t take much effort when growing sweet flag grass. Easily grown in average, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. To grow sweet flag grass, plant rhizomes slightly below the soil surface in containers set in shallow water. Use a slow release, medium-rate fertilize. To grow sweet flag in a pond or other standing water, place the plant in a container and set it in water less than 4 inches deep.

For maintaining keep evenly moist-wet; prefers moisture, do not allow to dry out. Possible pests: aphids, occasional leaf spot, snails, and slugs.

Parts used:


How to use:

For indigestion Take Bach root powder (2 pinches) with honey in the morning.


Consult an Ayurvedic doctor before consuming orally. Not enough reliable information about the side effects.