Medicinal use:

There are many modern medicines developed from this plant which is the main link of Indian herbal heritage. This medicinal plant is also called as “Malabar Nut Tree”. The common name “Adhatoda vasica”  of this plant itself is pointing to the ability to cure respiratory diseases.

Malabar Nut is a good cough suppressant. Consuming the juice from leaves mixed with honey is a good cure for cough.

Consuming the paste of this medicinal herb leaf mixed with sandalwood is a medicine for bleeding diseases and paste of leaf mixed with jiggery will reduce bleeding during menstrual cycles.

This medicinal plant is also used to cure asthma, nasal congestion, and other respiratory diseases.

About the plant:

Adhatoda vasica or Malabar Nut is a small evergreen medicinal plant, with broad, lanceolate (sharp and pointed like a lance) leaves measuring 10 to 16 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters wide. This medicinal herb become greenish-brown when dried and have a bitter taste. They have a smell similar to strong tea. The plant leafs are also used as mosquito repellent.

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Vernacular names:

Common name: Malabar Nut, white vasa, yellow vasa
Assamese: boga bahok
Bengali: basak
Gujarati: aradusi, araduso
Hindi: arus, arusa, pramadya,
Kannada: adusoge
Konkani: adulasha, adulso, adusoge
Malayalam: aatalootakam
Manipuri: nongmangkha angouba
Marathi: adulasa
Oriya: basango, vrysha
Tamil: acalai, atatotai, attucam
Telugu: addasaramu,vasa.

Parts used:

Malabar nut plant Leaves, roots, flowers and stem bark can be used in the form of juice and decoction.

How to use:

Take Vasa leaf powder or juice (2 gram or 5 ml) with Tulsi juice (half teaspoon), Sitopaladi Churna 2 gram, Mahasudarshan Churna 2 gram, and one spoon honey.

How to grow:

This malabar nut plant grows well in low moisture areas and dry soils.


Adhatoda Vasika/Malabar nut herb is considered safe in recommended usage and dosing. Consult a doctor before using the herb.


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