Medicinal use:

Aerva Lanata is believed to be a best natural herbal medicine for Kidney stones. This herb is diuretic which helps in promoting the production of urine, effective in urethral (difficulty passing urine) problems, lithiasis (kidney stone), and gonorrhea.

Aerva Lanata is antimicrobial. What it helps is fighting against pathogens. It protects both the skin and the body from pathogens.
Aerva Lanata acts as a demulcent which helps in getting relief from pain and inflammation diseases.

About the plant:

It is one of the prominent ten sacred flowers of Kerala, named Dasapushpam Mountain knotgrass is an annual, erect, branching herb, grows up to 1 m tall, commonly found in plane areas, roadsides as a weed. This medicinal plant is a perennial and annual herb, commonly known as Mountain Knot Grass. The root of the plant is aromatic like camphor. The flowers are small about 2.5 mm long with different colors like green, pink or creamy white color and grow in clusters near the axis of stems. Aerva Lanata flowers between may and October. Aerva Lanata is pollinated by insects as there is no honey or fragrance. It is self-pollinated.


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Vernacular names:

Common name: Mountain Knot Grass

Hindi: Chhaya, gorakhbuti, gorakhganja


Tamil: ciru-pulai, ulinai

Malayalam: cherula

Telugu: pindidonda

Kannada: bili himdi soppu

Bengali: chaya

Rajasthani: bhui

Konkani: tamdlo

Punjabi: bui-kaltan

How to grow:

Aerva lanata is a common weed which grows everywhere in the plains of India with minimum care.

Useful parts:

The whole plant is useful. Leaves of the plant can be eaten as leafy vegetables. Juice obtained from leaves of this herb plant is used as a remedy for painful urination and kidney stones.

How to use:

For treatment of kidney stones, take 2 tsp of leaf juice of Mountain knotgrass plant twice a day. For urinary infection prepare a decoction of leaves, drink 50ml of it twice a day.


Consult an Ayurvedic doctor before consuming orally.