Medicinal use:

Arappu is traditional medicinal herb used in hair care. The dried leaves are widely used for washing hair. Arappu is natural conditioner, controls hair fall, dandruff and cools the body. Arappu plant has been used as an important folk medicine for the treatment of several diseases like diarrhea, gonorrhea, skin diseases.

About the plant:

A plant of semi-arid, tropical and subtropical areas, where it is found at elevations from 400 – 1,500 meters. The flowers are yellow or pinkish-white in the rainy season and fruits ripen in the cold season. The plant has a shallow and spreading root system.

Parts used:

Leaves and flowers

How to grow:

The tree demands strong sunlight and is intolerant of shade, very hardy and shows marked resistance to drought. It thrives in light soils but tolerates clays and is often found near streams, where it can reach more water.

How to use:

During hair wash, take required quantity of arappu powder in a bowl and mixed it with water to make a fine paste. Optionally mix it with shikakai powder if required. Then apply it all over your scalp and hair just like a shampoo. Do some massage on your scalp and wash it completely.

Vernacular names:

English Bitter Albizia, Oil cake tree
Hindi Lallei, Krishna siris
Tamil Usilai, Arappu, Wunja
Malayalam Oonjal,Varacchi, Chalavagai
Kannada Chujjulu, Chigare, Sujjali
Telugu NallaRenga, Narlinga