Medicinal use:

The first name we hear related to brain development may be of Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi). Europeans called this medicinal plant as wonder plant may be due to this capability. A few of its astonishing effects have been proved on conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer diseases. The actions of Brahmi over brain area make it wonderful tonic to help enhance the mental capabilities of the individual.

Administrating Brahmi juice 5 ml – 10 ml daily mixed with butter or ghee will improve brain capability and memory in children. Adults can also consume it for the same purpose.

Chew few leaves of Brahmi daily to reduce stammering and Epilepsy.

Brahmi is effective for regularising menstrual cycle without side effects.

 Best memory booster

About the plant:

Brahmi is a low growing plant, it’s a creeping herb that reaches a maximum of about 6 inches in height and it’s growing outward in a sprawling pattern, it can spread rapidly. Brahmi plant care is very easy and forgiving.

How to grow:

It prefers part to full sun and will grow in a wide range of soils. As long as it gets sufficient water, it can thrive in rock, sand, and mud. It will even grow directly in water features, forming its foliage as floating mats. Feed the plants moderately with a slow-release fertilizer. If you’re growing Brahmi in water, however, don’t use any fertilizer. To grow from a cutting, you’ll need to clip a Brahmi stem with leaves and place the bottom of the stem in water or in wet soil.

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Vernacular name:

Common name: Brahmi, herb of grace, Indian pennywort


Consult a physician or a medical herbalist for advice before using the plant.

Useful part:

Whole parts of Brahmi plant are useful. Brahmi powder also can be used as an alternative to the plant.

How to use:

For improving memory, intellect and mental function, it can be taken alone as leaf extract in a dose of 100-300 mg or combination with other herbs. There are various such herbal syrups, tablets are available in the market. It is important to take regularly Brahmi for more than three months for its positive effect on the brain.



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