Medicinal use:

Clerodendrum Serratum (Bharangi) is a medicinal herb very famous for a healthy respiratory system and to give good rhythm to voice. In addition to the common local use in respiratory diseases, other ethnomedicinal uses include treatment of pain, inflammation, rheumatism, and fever especially malarial fever. Bharangi has been investigated for its antipyretic and antihistamine activities.

About the plant:

This medicinal plant is a perennial woody shrub attaining the height of 3-8 ft, with bluntly quadrangular stems and not much branched. This herb young parts usually glabrous. This plant leaves are oval in shape with thorns.

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Parts used:

Bharangi root, stem, and leaves are used medicinally.

How to use:

For asthma treatment,
Prepare a decoction of its root and drink twice a day for three days to get relief. Prepare powder of its seed and take frequently in small doses for stomach problems.


No side effects reported. Consult a doctor before consuming the herb.

Vernacular names:

Common name – Bharangi,Turk’s turban moon, Blue glory, Beetle killer
Hindi Name- Babhanaiti
Telugu Name- Guntubharangi
Bengali Name- Bamunhati
Tamil Name- Kavali, Parangi pattai, Parangi, Parangi pattai churnam
Marathi& Gujarati Name- Bharangi
Kannada Name- Gontu barangi
Malayalam Name- Kankabharani