Medicinal use:

Black Musali(Curculigo Orchioides Gaertn) is an Ayurvedic herb, used for the treatment of sperm deformity, low sperm count, general weakness.

The plant is loaded with various other health benefits. Few of them are:

  • It is a rejuvenating and aphrodisiac herb.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It is a sexual tonic.
  • It is diuretic and promotes urine secretion.
  • It reduces blood pressure.
About the plant:

Black Musali Plant is one among or the ten sacred flowers of Kerala, are Dasapushpam traditionally significant to Keralites, the people of Kerala, India.

Kali Musli (Curguliginis orchiodis rhizoma) is a very small herb, with the only showy parts being the long blade like leaves and tiny yellow flowers. Kali musli is a perennial shrub and has elongated and short fleshy roots. Its rhizome is 1 feet in length and pulpy.

Parts used:

Kali Musali roots (Paste or powder) are used in medicines.

How to use:

Consume kali musli powder every day before diet with warm water.


Consult an ayurvedic doctor before consuming orally. Not enough reliable information about the side effects.

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Vernacular names:

Common name–Black musali,Black Musli, Hindi name-Kali Musli,
Bengali name–Sadamurali,Talamali,Talura,
Gujarati name–Kalimusali,
Kannada name–Neladali,Nelatenga,Nela tatigadde,
Malayalam name–Nilappana,Nellapanakilonace,
Marathi name – Bhuyimaddi,Kalimurali,
Oriya name–Musali,Talamuli,Talamulika,
Punjabi name–Syahoomusali,
Tamil name–Nilappanaikilangu,
Telugu name–Nallatudi,Nelatadai,
Konkani name–Bhuyimaddi

How to grow:

This medicinal plant grows in moist soils rich in organic matter. This herb crop prefers shade and grows best as intercrop. kali musali is a slow growing and less competitive crop. Hence sufficient care should be given for its initial establishment and growth.


Curculigo orchioides: the black gold with numerous health benefits

Enhanced Synthesis of Curculigoside by Stress and Amino Acids in Static Culture of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn (Kali Musli)