Medicinal use:

Ayapana medicinal plant is called mrithasanjeevani though exaggeratedly by some, maybe because of the benefits it created. The paste of this herb leaf or the whole plant is applied over fresh wounds to control bleeding. The paste of this medicinal plant leaf is applied over bleeding external pile mass to control bleeding and reduce the size of pile mass. Chew the leaf of this ayapana plant for curing the gas trouble. It is good to eat the leaves of Ayapana (regularly)for various kinds of haemorrhage (Internal bleeding), to clean foul ulcers (in mouth or stomach) and get rid of the weakness of body. Apply the paste of clean fresh leaves for insect bites.

About the plant:

Ayapana medicinal plant is a small plant with long slender leaves. This herb plant is having strong order. The flowers are pale pink and the thin, hairless stem is reddish in colour. This medicinal plant grows all over India. Ayapana can grow in anywhere in the house even in a small area in pot or container. Since it is a small plant, it can grow in flat pots.  It will be aesthetic to grow Ayapana in the garden as herbal carpet.

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How to grow:

Ayapana will grow anywhere in India with little water and plenty of sunlight.

Research on Ayapana

Useful part:

Whole plant

How to use:

Apply a paste of clean fresh leaves on wounds and cuts. The leaves of the plant are ground and then squeezed to get the juice. This juice is taken in a dose of 10-20 ml, 2-3 times a day for few days for curing piles. For fever treatment, prepare the decoction by boiling 20 g five parts of Ayapana plant viz. leaves, roots, flowers, fruits and stem in 400 ml water till it reduces to one-fourth quantity. Drink 5-10 ml of this twice a day.


Consult an Ayurvedic doctor before consuming orally. Not enough reliable information about the side effects.

Vernacular names:

Common name: Ayapana tea
Hindi: Ayapan, Ayaparna
Gujarathi: Ayapan
Marathi: Ayapan, Ayapani (Maharashtra)
Bengali: Vishalyakarni, Ayapan, Ayapani
Malayalam: Aiyappana, Mrithasanjeevani
Tamil: Ayappani


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