Medicinal use:

Hemidesmus Indicus(Indian Sarsaparilla) has many medicinal properties. Few of them are:
This medicinal herb is very effective in managing gastritis. This herb can neutralize the abnormal acid secretions and make the stomach normal again. The herb is also helpful in treating urinary infections and kidney disorders.
The root of this medicinal plant is administered to help the body to cool down. It stabilizes the body system and makes the person become peaceful.
This herb is one of the best-known detoxifying herbs that acts from both within and the outside of the body.
Hence, this medicinal plant gives a glow to the skin. One can use the decoction as a health tonic.

This herb gives instant energy and makes the person brisk and agile. This is useful for those who are always active or participate in sporting events. Have the paste mixed with honey twice a day for thirty days.

Parts used:


How to use:

Indian Sarsaparilla Roots can be used for medicines. Drink the decoction both in the morning and the evening for the best effect.

About the plant:

Indian Sarsaparilla medicinal plant is a climber found throughout India. This herb leaves are 2.5 inches long and alternately arranged in a pair.

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Vernacular names:

Common name – Indian Sarsaparilla
Hindi name – Anantmool, Kapuri
Sanskrit name – Sariva, Ananta, Asfota, Utpal Sariva, Shyama, Canadana, Gopi
Marathi Name – Upalsari, Uparsal
Gujarati name – Kapuri, Upalasari
Tamil name – Nannari
Malayalam: Naruneendi
Kannada Name – Sogade beru


Sarsaparilla seems safe for most people when used as a medicine.