Medicinal use:

This dye plant, which is considered as the best hair care herb was at the heart of Mahatma Gandhi’s first satyagraha against the unfair British taxation system, practiced on the indigo cultivators in Champaran, Bihar.

Get some Indigo leaves or roots and crush them. Boil them in hot water and filter it. Drink this decoction lukewarm. This will get rid of all urinary tract problems. It also works as an antidote to most poisons and a liver tonic.

About the plant:

Indigofera tinctoria is a shrub of 1 to 2 meters height and is biennial and perennial depending on climate. It has dark green leaves and pinkish violet flowers.

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How to use:

Coconut oil prepared with Indigofera Tinctoria leaves is used for hair growth and for black hair. A paste of leaves applied over hair 20 minutes prior to a bath is also used for the same purpose.


Seek medical advice for its usage.

Vernacular names:

Common name: True Indigo, Dyer’s Indigo
Hindi: Nil
Tamil: Neelum, Nilam, Aviri, Avari
Telugu: Neeli
Malayalam: Neelamari, Avari
Kannada: Neeli
Marathi: Nili