Medicinal use:

Jamun is a very important medicinal herb. Jamun seeds are mainly used in Ayurveda. The key benefits are:

The black plum or jamun has antidiabetic features. This medicinal plant is helpful in reducing the sugar level from blood cells. This herb activates the liver and digestion. Rich in vitamins.

About the plant:

This tree is very tall, beautiful and evergreen. So this tree can be planted as a windbreaker or for shade purpose and is usually very long lived. These trees can yield for over a few decades.

How to grow:

The Jamun is propagated both by seed and vegetative methods. Though vegetative methods followed in most cases have attained some success, seed propagation is still preferred. However, seed propagation is not advisable as it results in the late bearing.

How to use:

Jamun seed powder hygienically Processed in a closed environment.

Vernacular names:

English: Black plum
Bengali: Kala jam
Telugu: Naredu
Tamil: Saval naval
Malayalam: Naval
Kannada: Naralei


Use under medical supervision as directed by the physician.