Medicinal use:

The plant is used in the treatment of hookworm. The juice of the plant is cooling and is used to cure coughs and colds fevers. The aroma of the inhaled plant is used in to treat coughs and colds. The juice of this plant roots is used in the treatment of gastric troubles.

Poduthalai leaves are very effective “dandruff controller”. Poduthalai is regarded as a cooling, aphrodisiac, astringent to the bowels, vulnerary,stomachic, anthelmintic and alexiteric.

About the plant:

Poduthalai is creeping annual herb which is very often rooting at the nodes, withnumerous sub quadrangular branches.

Vernacular names:

Common name:Jalapippali, Punarnava
Hindi: alapa-pili, Bhuiokra and Lundra
Malayalam: Kattuttippali
Kannada: Nela hippali
Marathi: Jalapimpali, Ratoliy
Punjabi: Bakan, Bukan
Tamil: Poduthali
Bengali: Bhuiokra
Telugu: Nelaguridi

How to use:

Mix the powder with coconut oil in a bowl and apply on the scalp. Leave it  an hour before taking bath. This is the simplest method to cure dandruff.