Medicinal use:

Effective in treating various skin disorders like Psoriasis. It is also a potent anti-dandruff agent, which is beneficial in treating scalp disorders and psoriasis. Powder of the bark is also used for the treatment of kidney stones.

About the plant:

Wrightia Tictoria is also known as Pala indigo plant or dyers’s oleander. Wrightia tinctoria is a small, deciduous tree which grows about 3 meters. It has branches and has the flowers at the tip of branches. The leaves are oval and oppositely arranged. These medicinal plant leaves grow up to 20 cm long. Flowers are whitish with five petals which are 2-3 cm long. They have good fragrance and by aging, they turn into creamy yellow.

Vernacular names:

Common name: Sweet Indrajao, Pala indigo plant
Hindi: Dudhi, Kuda, Duhi
Tamil: Irumpaalai, Vetpalai, Nilapalai,Veppalai
Malayalam : Dhandapala, Kodangapala, Ayyappala
Marathi: Kalakuda

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Take 1:1 ratio of leaves of this plant and pure coconut oil and put in a mud pot and expose this whole in direct sunlight for minimum 7 days. The color of the coconut oil will change into dark blue. Filter this oil and apply in the affected part for minimum 1 hour. Remove the oil from the body using green gram powder (pea powder) before bath. Repeat this up to one month.


Consult an Ayurvedic doctor before consuming orally.