Medicinal use:

Sambong roots and leaves are used as herbal treatment for fevers, sambong leaves and roots are pounded then dissolved in cold water. Applied with a soft cloth over the nape, forehead, underarms and other body parts to bring down the body temperature.

Sambong roots and leaves are also used as herbal medicine treatment for rheumatism. Sambong roots and leaves are pounded and applied as a poultice on the affected body part. Sambong roots and leaves may also be boiled and are applied as warm compress onto the affected area.
Sambong is also used to treat a headache, sambong leaves are pounded and applied as a poultice over the forehead. It is also useful to cure colds and coughs and kidney stones.

About the plant:

Sambong is an aromatic shrub, that grows from 1 to 4 meters in height. It is considered a weed in some countries and is difficult to eradicate. Sambong has yellow flowering heads that are 6 mm long. Sambong leaves are green obloid that spreads in a pyramidal pattern.

Vernacular names:

English: Ngai camphor
Hindi:Kakoranda, Kukronda
Kannada: Kukuraadra
Malayalam: Banga-chappa, Bhutham kolli
Tamil:Cuvarru mullanki, Kattu mullani, Narak-karantai

How to use:

A decoction of roots and leaves for fevers, kidney stones. Leaves used a flavoring ingredient. Applied while hot over the sinuses. Fresh juice of leaves to wounds and cuts.


Consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before consuming the herb.