Medicinal use:

Greenthread Tea is one of the best medicinal herbs for curing urinary tract infections and the pain caused by urinary tract infections. Greenthread Tea is a diuretic (Drugs that increases the flow of urine) and also works as an anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of urinary tract infections. This herbal tea also works as a blood purifier and it is used to treat tuberculosis in children.

About the plant:

GreenThread Herb is a daisy-like plant that grows in dry regions of the US and Hawaii. It has been used as a herbal tea by Native Americans. It is also known as Navajo Tea or Hopi. This Navajo Tea contains a very pleasing flavor and is the traditional herbal tea of Navajo people for generations.

It is a perennial and winter annual plant. It grows up to 1 meter tall and contains bear leaves divided into thread-like segments. Greenthread blooms between March and June and often into the fall. It produces yellow, daisy-like delicate flowers.

How to grow:

Sow the seeds directly in the ground in late fall and keep the soil moist until they have germinated. The long thin leaves of young plants can appear grass-like when young, so be careful not to weed them out! Once they are established, they need very little water. Occasional watering in especially dry weather will improve its blooming.

Parts Used:

Flowers, Leaves, and Stem

How to use:

An aromatic, slightly bitter tea can be made by infusing the dried leaves in boiling water for 5 – 10 minutes. A sweeter tea can be made by infusing the fresh or dried flowers.


Consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before consuming the herb.

Common names:

Hopi Tea, Tejas Tea, Coahuiltec Tea, Plains Greenthread, Stiff Greenthread