Medicinal use:

Alstonia Venenata is a medicinal herb, widely used in traditional medicine. This herb has been used as an anti-snake venom (ASV) for treating venomous dangerous snakes bite like the cobra, viper etc. The plant is a rich source of alkaloids. This herb contains Antioxidant and Anticancer properties. It can be also used to treat skin diseases and Fever.

About plant:

Alstonia Venenata is native to India and is widely found in South-Indian forest fields. It is a small tree grows up to 6-meter height with brown bark and bright yellow woody root. It produces white flower look alike penni wheel.

How to grow:

Sow the seeds under the surface (0.5cm) in a well-drained mixture. It grows well in sunny places. Keep moist until germination. This plant does not require much care.

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Parts used:

Root and Fruit

How to use:

Apply root extract of Alstonia Venenata on the bite. A decoction made from roots also taken orally.


Consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before consuming the herb.

Common names:

Common name : Poison Devil Tree,
English : Alstonia,
Sanskrit : Ankola, Visaghni
Kannada : Adda Sarpa,
Malayalam : Analivegam,
Sanskrit : Anadana, Raja-Adana, Vishaghni,
Tamil : Sinnappalai,
Telugu : Edaakula Paala, gandu ganneru,

Hindi : Vishagni