Medicinal use:

Amruthapala is a perennial under the shrub, a critically endangered and endemic medicinal plant found in the slopes of grasslands of southern forests of the Western Ghats. The highly aromatic tuberous roots of the Decalepis Arayalpathra is used as an effective remedy for peptic ulcer, cancer-like afflictions and as rejuvenating tonic by native tribes of Kerala.

Studies (Research article: Gastric Antisecretory and Antiulcer Activities of Decalepisarayalpathra, pharmaceutical biology, Volume 47.2007 – Issue3) also revealed its effect to decrease malondialdehyde(oxidative stress) levels and increased gastric wall mucus production, stimulating protein concentration and mucus production of the stomach wall.

Traditional use:

The root of this plant is having peculiar vanilla flavor.

About the plant:

Amruthapala is a woody shrub with root tuberous, strongly smelling. Stem, petioles, and leaves have reddish brown color. Flowers are small in axillary cymes.

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Vernacular names:

Common name:Amruthapala
Botanical name:Decailepis Arayalpathra
Malayalam: Amruthapala
Tamil: Amruthapala

Parts used: